Claire & Russ 27/04/18

We played at the wonderful wedding of Claire & Russ, during the reception drinks in this lovely pub in Lordship Lane, London

We definitely got the party started and got everyone dancing before even sitting down for dinner!

Thank you guys and all the best.



A good band will change your wedding, forever

Now that the wedding season is in full swing, and Los Amigos are busy traveling up and down, I don’t get tired of recommending to hire good live entertainment for your Wedding, Birthday party or celebration. We just came back from Cambridge where we played for a party. In this case this was a lovely group of guests in their 60s. After a few of our songs we realised that they were not so keen on the Spanish numbers, so we slowed down the pace, and started playing some mid tempo songs, the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Lionel Richie, the Monkees, some other balads and happy tunes that immediately made them fill the dance floor.

A good band will read the audience, will adapt their repertoire to the situation.
Today I received a text from someone who saw us perform in a wedding 2 years ago, enquiring for us to play at their wedding. It amazes me that people will remember you, and will mention that this or that wedding or party was amazing, with so much help from the band.

You may have relatives or friends from far away, people you may not have seen in many years, and you will not have more than 5 min to speak to some of them. But there is something that will unite everyone on that day, the memories you share, and will completely change the whole day feeling – the music.

You may think I’m exaggerating. But is pure experience. Is what I see again and again. Because we are from “outside” the event, we can see things in a different way, and believe me when I say that the band and live entertainment is so important. I have seen couples spent 3 or 4 times more money in flowers and decorations than in the entertainment. I mean, is great that you pay attention to this details, they are important and is enjoyable, but people won’t remember that bunch of lilies, or that table decoration, people will specially remember the FOOD and the BAND! Don’t you notice how a song can be forever linked to our emotions, memories and feelings of a single moment?

Having this in mind, if you have a budget of £20k for your Wedding, would you say that £2k is a lot of money for entertainment? That’s very reasonable for a DJ and a band for example.
You don’t need to spend lots of money in entertainment, you can have games and activities throughout the day that won’t cost a penny. But you will most probably have a band – make sure is a good one, with good reviews and quality media, maybe even you can go and check them out live somewhere before you book.

Wikipedia says “Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight”
Oh Yeah

Wedding at Rosewood London

I leave you some pictures of our recent wedding at the fantastic Rosewood in London. It was a lovely event, and we made sure we got everyone on the dance floor, starting with mellow couple dancing songs, and ended in a party just like we like it. For this event we had a great stage and lighting set up, for the 200+ guests, who enjoyed an acoustic set of our music during the reception, and then another set at the big ballroom after dinner.

This wedding  guests, coming from all around the world, were delighted with the food and the entertainment provided by our lovely couple.