Javier Moreno is the winner of Vocalist of the year category at the LUKAS AWARDS 2014

Congratulations to the very own Los Amigos Band singer and guitarist Javier Moreno for being the winner of the LUKAS AWARDS 2014 in the category of Vocalist of the year. Javier has also been selected as Runner up as Musician of the year.

The Latin-UK AwardS (LUKAS) is the world’s first ever awards ceremony to recognise the contribution of Britain’s one million Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese residents. It is a fantastic, colourful, and entertaining celebration of Britain’s rapid growing passion for all things Latino.

The LUKAS is now in its 3rd year and growing astonishingly quickly. After a spectacular 2nd year that saw ballet star Tamara Rojo, fashion queen Vivienne Westwood, and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour join our presenters, TV stars Boris Izaguirre and Yanet Fuentes, in congratulating the award winners, the LUKAS gala ceremony has grown into an international event.

The LUKAS 2013 became the most media covered Latin event in UK history. It ​made national TV news in the UK (BBC), Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, on Latin regional channels such as ESPN and UNIVISION. It was covered by more than 90 press, radio and TV media and 6,000 social media and websites, reaching over 10 million people. Whilst the UK voted for its favourite Latin dancers, musicians, footballers and restaurants, the global media coverage created a surge of voting from Latin America itself, each country supporting its footballers and compatriots abroad.

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